Robertstown National School hosts 'Move your Best' challenge

Students, staff and parents embrace keep fit ethos

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Robertstown National School hosts 'Move your Best' challenge

Marion Sherlock, Principal Robertstown NS, with children from fifth class who designed posters for the event and Fergus O'Hara, Hanlon Concrete who donated reusable drinking bottles to every student

'Move your Best' was hosted by Robertstown National School last week, with great enthusiasm displayed by the pupils, teachers and parents. The school hosted a running challenge at Bridgewood Celtic, Robertstown on Tuesday, 22 October. Children from all classes participated in the challenge to support a healthier lifestyle.

On the day, pupils walked or ran with music and encouragement throughout and the Robertstown NS Active School Committee provided activities afterwards.

Students all participated in the running challenge with gusto.

“Everyone in the school was involved with the challenge, even our school secretary, Louise Carroll, who warmed the children down with stretches after” said Principal Marion Sherlock.

“A bonus for the children as part of the school applying for their sixth Green School Flag was Hanlon Concrete kindly sponsoring reusable water bottles for all children and staff in the school which was received with thanks” she added.

Supporting a healthier lifestyle whilst supporting the environment, well done to students, teachers and management at Robertstown National School!