The sweetest thing in Naas

SHOULD we be worried? Consumer queueing has returned to Naas.

SHOULD we be worried? Consumer queueing has returned to Naas.

And the last time we witnessed as many people lining up to get rid of their cash at the same time was for what we now know were overpriced and undersized apartments at locations like The Waterways in Sallins.

This time though it’s the kids and not the property developers who are messing with the country’s economic future.

Children of all ages are smitten with Sweet Quarters, which is among the latest additions to the retail landscape of the town centre.

It is an old fashioned sweet shop which reminds those of us of a certain age of hours spent in small grocery stores gazing at large jars of sweets.

Blessington man Diarmuid Naughton’s family opened the so called sweet emporium six days ago and children, money clenched in sweaty little mitts, can’t get enough of it. So much so that they virtually laid siege to the shop on opening day (March 30) and at the end of every school day since.

“I never realised it would be as successful as it’s been so far and this week we are taking on four local people to work here. I have always worked in the wholesale sweet industry and my son (Diarmuid Jnr.) spotted that the premises was available to let and thought it might be a good place for a shop. Now that we are open I hope the customers continue to come and that the interest is not just a flash in the pan,” Diarmuid told the Leader.

These days a quarter pound of sweets equates to a precise 113 grams and is dispensed in brown paper bags at about E1.40 a shout.

All the old favourites are there including Fizzy Fish, Bulls’ Eyes, Aniseed Humbugs, White Mice and for the more elegant among you - Yorkshire Butter Mintoes. And we hope the Super Sour Sherbert Bombs are less dangerous than they sound.