27 Jun 2022

All the results from Kildare CG athletic finals

Magnificent two days of action held at Clongowes Wood College

All the results from Kildare CG athletic finals

Teresa Harrison of Co. Kildare CG with Sallins CG team, gold medal winners in the girls U10 4x100m Relay, Eimear Dagg, Abbie Byrne, Sophie Doheny and Sophie Niland

Clongowes Wood College once again provided the setting for the County Kildare Community Games Athletic Finals held on Wednesday and Thursday June 27 and 28 in glorious sunshine.  The weather contributed to the carnival atmosphere as the children aged 6 to 15 battled for a place on the Kildare Team for the National Festival in August. Eighteen areas will represent Kildare in University of Limerick in Track, Relays and Field events (which were held the previous Friday in Crookstown Millview Athletic Track).

Of those representing Kildare in Limerick Kildare Town and Eadestown have 3 Track gold each while Eadestown and Sallins claimed 3 relay success each. Prosperous and Kilcullen will represent in 3 Fields events. Each success witnessed by a host of dignitaries including TD Fiona O’Loughlin, Teresa Murray, Sorcha O’Neill, and Fintan Brett was unique to each individual and they will cherish the memories.

Some like Max Tracy (Monastrevin) , Peter Hamilton (Milltown), Eabha Gilroy(Ballymore Eustace) and siblings Runo and Omason Ayavoro St Conleth’s were repeating success from 12 months ago while others would experience the Community Games magic for the first time .

Full Results

Boys U8 60M

Gold Oisin Malone (Eadestown),

Silver Dualta Garry (Prosperous),

Bronze Aidan McHale (Maynooth E),

4th Place Ethan Newman Smith (Celbridge Sth),

Boys U8 80m

Gold Diarmuid O'Mahony (Prosperous),

Silver Kyle Edwards (Ballymore Eustace),

Bronze Michael Ferguson (Sallins),

4th Place Eoin Gallagher (St Brigid's),

Boys U10 100m

Gold Eddie Kavanagh (Kildare Town),

Silver Fionn Steward Byrne (Ballymore Eustace),

Bronze Ryan Mangan (Clane/Rathcoffey),

4th Place Daniel Sargent (Eadestown),

Boys U10 200m

Gold Michael Kenny (Kill Johnstown),

Silver Ryan Sheridan (Kilcullen),

Bronze Holden Murphy (St Brigids),

4th Place Jack Fielding (Clane/Rathcoffey),

Boys U10 60m Hurdles

Gold Martin Fanning (Kill/Johnstown),

Silver Conor Morrin (Eadestown),

Bronze Ben Crampton (St Brigids),

4th Place Ronan Walsh (Eadestown),

Boys U12 100m

Gold Liam McDonald (Maynooth E),

Silver Sean Murphy (Ballymore Eustace),

Bronze Ryan McManahan (Prosperous),

4th Place Ben Nichol (Eadestown),

Boys U12 600m

Gold Max Treacy (Monasterevin),

Silver Jack Morrin (Eadestown),

Bronze Cian Cahill (Eadestown),

4th Place Conor Murphy (Kilcock),

Boys U14 100m

Gold David Monahan (Sallins),

Silver Daniel Small (Prosperous),

Bronze Max Foley (Kill Johnstown),

4th Place Hugh Donegan (Straffan/Ardclough),

Boys U14 800m

Gold Tristan O'Connor (Sallins),

Silver Pauric Spillane (Athy),

Bronze Glen McEvoy (Sallins),

4th Place Cathal White (St Conleth's),

Boys U14 80m Hurdles

Gold Adam Quinn (Kildare Town),

Silver Ardin Magee (Eadestown),

Bronze Jlliad Kelly (Carbury),

Boys U16 100m

Gold Runo Ayavoro (St Conleth's),

Silver Robert O'Connell (Carbury),

Bronze Daire Callaghan (Sallins),

4th Place Peter Merilo (St Brigids),

Boys U16 1500m

Gold Peter Hamilton (Milltown),

Silver Leon Sweeney (Sallins),

Bronze Gael Caistea (Celbridge Sth),

4th Place Rory Hanlon (Prosperous),

Boys U16 200m

Gold Cathal Thompson (Kildare Town),

Silver Shay Brady (Carbury),

Bronze Hugh Hamilton (Milltown),

4th Place Benjamin Adebesin (St Brigids),



Field Events

Boys U12 Ball Throw

Gold Hugh Martin (Suncroft/Curragh),

Silver Theo Hanlon (Suncroft/Curragh),

Bronze Conor Lafferty (Kill/Johnstown),

Boys U12 Long Puck

Gold John Dee (Prosporous),

Silver Eoin Carroll (St Brigids),

Bronze Dylan Fitzachary (Prosperous),

4th Place Jack Madden (Eadestown),

Boys U14 Javelin

Gold Paddy Taylor (Kilcullen),

Silver Conor Walsh (Prosperous),

Boys U14 Long Jump

Gold Ben Holloway (Kilcullen),

Silver Gavin Keane (Straffan/Ardclough),

Boys U14 Shot Putt

Gold James Deane (Kilcullen),

Silver Cian Larkin (Eadestown),





Girls U8 60m

Gold Simi Mercy Akinoba (Clane/Rathcoffey),

Silver Ava Kelly (Sallins),

Bronze Emily O'Sullivan (St Brigids),

4th Place Caitriona Diver (Celbridge Sth),

Girls U8 80m

Gold Doireann Lanagan (Celbridge Sth),

Silver Elaine Irhue (St Conleth's),

Bronze Faye Kavanagh (St Conleth's),

4th Place Kate O'Donoghue (Kildare Town),

Girls U10 100m

Gold Jessica McNulty (St Brigids),

Silver Lila Vanlonkhuizen (Straffan/Ardclough),

Bronze Lily Harney (Eadestown),

4th Place Ella Newman-Smith (Celbridge Sth),

Girls U10 200m

Gold Sarah Behan (St Brigids),

Silver Eimear Dagg (Sallins),

Bronze Katelyn Cribben (Clane/Rathcoffey),

4th Place Kate McNulty (St Brigids),

Girls U10 60m Hurdles

Gold Misha Magee (Eadestown),

Silver Hazel Gleeson (Prosperous),

Bronze Ruth Farrell (Suncroft/Curragh),

4th Place Jane Hennessy (MCK),

Girls U12 100m

Gold Grace Keogh (MCK),

Silver Amy Tyrell (Killcullen),

Bronze Jullianna Smal (Prosperous),

4th Place Lucy Doheny (Sallins),

Girls U12 600m

Gold Leah Tyrell (Killcullen),

Silver Anna White (St Brigids),

Bronze Alicia Cullen (TwoMileHouse),

4th Place Laure Edwards (Clane/Rathcoffey),

Girls U14 100m

Gold Lucy Hannon (MCK),

Silver Nina Yung O'Connor (Suncroft),

Bronze Tahirat Olatungi (Sallins),

4th Place Julia Hawkins (Prosperous),

Girls U14 800m

Gold Clodagh Hanna (Maynooth),

Silver Eabha Owens (Sallins),

Bronze Sadie Cullinan (Balyna),

4th Place Bernadette Harney (Eadestown),

Girls U14 80m Hurdles

Gold Laura Byrne (Eadestown),

Silver Maebh O'Sullivan (Eadestown),

Bronze Orla McDonald (Suncroft/Curragh),

Girls U16 100m

Gold Omason Ayavoro (St Conleth's),

Silver Sarah Milea (Clane/Rathcoffey),

Bronze Victoria Ogundipe (Prosperous),

4th Place Ella Moore (Kildare Town),

Girls U16 1500m

Gold Orla Reidy (Kilcock),

Silver Ruth Sargeant (Eadestown),

Girls U16 200m

Gold Eabha Gilroy (Ballymore Eustace),

Silver Eadaoinn Murtagh (Kildare Town),

Bronze Suzanne Carew (Prosperous),

4th Place Ciara Buckley (Milltown),

Field Events

Girls U12 Ball Throw

Gold Hayley Trant (Prosperous),

Silver Lara Rose Quinn (Kildare Town),

Bronze Rachel Mooney (Maynooth E),

4th Place Maria Bolger (Kildare Town),

Girls U14 Long Puck

Gold Ellen Mongey-Walsh (Prosperous),

Silver Deirdre Cronin (Sallins),

Bronze Saoirse O'Gorman (Sallins),

4th Place Emily Croke (Eadestown),

Girls U14 Javelin

Gold Lara Prendergast (Suncroft/Curragh),

Silver Saoirse Murtagh (Kildare Town),

Girls U14 Long Jump

Gold Anna Burns (Maynooth E),

Silver Gillian Dempsey (Sallins),

Bronze Sashi Raben (Prosperous),

Girls U14 Shot Putt

Gold Aioife Thompson (Kildare Town),

Silver Debbie Olanrewju (Sallins),

Bronze Lucy Tanner (MCK),

4th Place Eliza Jane Queally (Eadestown),

Girls U16 Discus

Gold Hannah Wilson (Kildare Town),





Relay U10 Girls

Gold Sallins (Sophie Niland, Sophie Doheny, Eimear Dagg, Abbie Byrne),

Silver Eadestown (Maria Curran, Jessica Nichol, Ali Dowling, Claire Boyce),

Bronze MCK (Niamh Flynn, Sally Hannon, Jane Hennessy, Treasa Boland, Sadbh Fenin),

4th Place St Brigids (Kate McNulty, Caoimhe Gallagher, Eve Dowling, Emily Carr),

Relay U12 Girls

Gold Prosperous (Julianne Smal, Annabel Walsh, Niamh O'Mahony, Hayley Trant, Lucy Carroll),

Silver Sallins (Lucy Doheny, Alison Dfempsey, Erin Healy, Kate Monaghan),

Bronze Celbridge Sth (Aibheann Russell, Ava Connors, Zara Newman-Smith, Mia Dalton),

4th Place MCK (Grace Keogh, Ailbhe Hennessy, Ella Ging, Isabella McCormack),

Relay U14 Girls

Gold Eadestown (Bernadette Harney, Mary Harney, Niamh Judge, Laura Byrne, Maeve O'Sullivan, Eliza Jane Queally),

Silver Suncroft/Curragh (Orla McDonald, Nina Yung O'Connor, Grace Farrell, Lara Prendergast),

Bronze Sallins (Sarah Howell, Saoirse O'Gorman, Sarah McDonagh, Tahirat Olatungi),

4th Place Prosperous (Shashi Raben, Kate Grogan, Sadhbh Moore, Julia Hawkins, Anna Hawkins),

Relay U16 Girls

Gold Prosperous (Kate Hawkins, Suzanne Carew, Jessica Kiernan, Victoria Ogundipe),

Relay U10 Boys

Gold Kildare Town (Edward Kavanagh, Peter Byrne, Noah Quinn, James Moran),

Silver Eadestown (Daniel Sargent, Alfie Gough, Ronan Walsh, Liam Mescal, Austin Goff),

Bronze St Brigids (Kyle Byrne-Ward, Cillian Hughes, Donal Larkin, Ben Crampton),

4th Place Clane/Rathcoffey (Jamie Tuthill, Ryan Mangan, Tony Andrews, Eoghan Lyons),

Relay U12 Boys

Gold Eadestown (Ben Nichol, Cian Cahill, Jack Morrin, Tom Boran),

Silver Milltown (David Hamilton, Jonathon Breslin, Niall Finnegan, Alex Kerins),

Bronze Prosperous (Sam Swords, Alex O'Toole-Redmond, Ryan MacManiman, Daniel Grogan, Darragh Currans-Magee),

4th Place Sallins (Charlie Cahill, Matthew Sheerin, Aiden Lackey, Eoin Moran),

Relay U14 Boys

Gold Sallins (Jack Kelly, David Monahan, Dylan O'Sullivan, Tristan O'Connor)

Silver Prosperous (Conor Walsh, Daniel Smal, Dara Cosgrave, Oran O'Grady),

Bronze Eadestown (Aidan Walsh, Arden Magee, C.J. Boran, Jason Brady),

Relay U16 Boys

Gold Sallins (Jack Headury, Daire Kelleghan, Eoin McConnon, Leon Sweeney),

Relay U10 Mixed

Gold Eadestown (Lily Harney, Misa Magee, Conor Morrin, Max Sargent),

Silver St Brigids (Jessica McNulty, Sarah Behan, Charlie Moylan, Holden Murphy),

Bronze Kilcullen (Ryan Sheridan, Tiernan Donnelly, Tuilelaith Mills, Sarah Cole)

4th Place Kilcock (Hugh Dowling, Hugh Jennings, Emily Geraghty, Anabel Naughton, Juliette Oliver),

Relay U13 Mixed

Gold MCK (Lucy Hannon, Joanna Ryan, Michael Hanburg, Patrick Whelan),

Silver Sallins (Glenn McEvoy, Mark Kiernan, Ellyse Angland, Lucy Farrell),

Bronze Eadestown (Maeve O'Sullivan, Eliza Jane Queally, Charlie Croke, Tom Boran),

Relay U15 Mixed

Gold Kildare Town (Cathal Thompson, Eadaoinn Murtagh, Thomas Amoo, Ella Moore),

Silver Sallins (Adam Donnelly, Ava Owens, Conor Egan, Anna Carpenter),

Bronze Milltown (Ben Curran, Aoife Buckley, Ciara Buckley, Hugh Hamilton),

Relay U16 Mixed 4 x 200m

Gold Ballymore Eustace (Patrick Doyle, Daniel Conway, Tara Winder, Eabha Gilroy, Sean Broderick),



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