PHOTO GALLERY: Newbridge celebrates 20th twinning anniversary with Badlippspringe

Momentous trip

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


The Twentieth anniversary celebrations of the Twinning Initiative with Bad Lippspringe took place over the weekend of June 23 to 25 with a group of 77 people from Newbridge travelling to the German town.

The group was led by Twinning Chairman, Peter O Neill, and also taking part were Councellors Murty Aspell , Morgan McCabe and Deputy Fiona O Loughlin. The group was also accompanied by a team from Ryston Boxing Club led by Coach Tom McDermott and Newbridge traditional music group 'Cathu'.

Bad Lippspringe was thronged with visitors for the State Garden Show and over the weekend exceeded the 200,000 mark entering the Parks. Indeed the Garden Show was a highlight for many of the group and a special reception, hosted by Burgermeister Andreas Bee, took place at the Irish Garden where the central feature is the 5000 year old Bog Oak sculpture with the Lily at the top.

This will remain for many years to come representing Newbridge, County Kildare and Ireland in general. 

The anniversary celebrations took place in the Park Hotel with contributions from Twinning Chairpersons Eberhard Kemper and Peter O'Neill followed by Burgermeister, Andreas Bee and Cllr Murty Aspell on behalf of the Newbridge /Kildare Municipal District.