VIDEO: Gardaí investigating alleged 'change scam' in Kildare shop

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Gardaí are investigating an alleged 'change scam' which took place in a shop in Naas recently. 

CCTV of the incident was featured on Crimecall programme on Monday. 

In the footage, the customer is seen asking the shop assistant for several €20 notes to be changed into €50 notes. 

When he receives the €50 notes he asks for them to be changed again into coins but he is refused this request.

He then asks for the €50 notes to be changed back to the original €20 notes but is seen allegedly concealing some notes in his left hand before handing the rest back to the shop assistant. 

The incident happened last January. 

So-called 'change scams' often take place in premises at busy times such as fast-food outlets and filling stations.

Scammers may deliberately target young or inexperienced employees who may be confused with multiple transactions and are trying to work quickly due to a queue of customers.