First Green Flag for KTCS

It may have been unseasonably as the Green flag was hoisted, but the students of Kildare Town Community School (KTCS) were in good spirits.

Complete with drum roll, Deputy Principal Aine Moran flew the flag high with the aid of Green Schools Co-ordinator, Majella Murphy and Principal Pat Flynn. They were joined by students from first year upwards.

Before the ceremony moved outdoors, Miss Murphy spoke of how proud she was of the hard work the students and staff had put into achieving this accolade. She said the Green Schools programme chiefs had been very impressed that the school committee numbered 40 to 50 students, compared to other schools where the number is often much lower.

First year students lit the school candle to symbolise the ethos of the school - To Illuminate, to Love and to Serve - which, she said very much linked in with the Green School’s programme and respect for the environment.

Chaplain Monica Tonry spoke about the beauty of the Curragh, particularly at this time of the year when the lambs and sheep are roaming the plains. She talked about appreciating nature and the environment. She asked the students take a closer look at their surroundings at these sites of beauty.

During the ceremony students spoke about global warming, deforestation, natural disasters and other climate issues.

Green School’s Person of the Year, Andrea Moorehouse also spoke very well.

Mr Pat Flynn also praised the students and staff for achieving the green flag in such a short space of time and for keeping the new state-of-the-art school in the excellent condition it was built.

“We need to put the same amount of effort to preserving not just our environment in the school, but in our area and our community,” he said.

He praised the work of groups like the Tidy Towns and said the school has its part to play in ensuring Kildare town is an attractive destination for tourism and shopping.

The flag was collected at a ceremony in Croke Park on Wednesday May 23 where Kildare Town Community School was honoured along with schools from all over the country.

The Kildare Town Community School has been in existence for almost two years now. Students came from three schools - St. Joseph’s Academy, the Presentation Convent and Kildare Vocational Educational School to amalgamate at the state-of-the-art building on the Dunmurray Road.