Naas students set to stage 'Oklahoma'


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara

Naas students set to stage 'Oklahoma'

Conor McGarry, Oscar Earley, Ciara Breslin, Oisin Kelly,, Ciara Kealey and Doug Morrisson

St. Mary's College, Naas, will host Oklahoma in the school on successive nights between March 9 and March 12 (starting at 8pm).

The musical is part of the Transiton Year programme and all TY students take part either on stage, as part of the props, costume or front of house teams.

Just before Oklahoma became a new state, Laurey Williams notices that Curly, a handsome though shy ranch hand, has been acting strangely around her. Through some course of events, she and Curly soon realise the feelings they have for each other. Judd, a hired hand at Laurey's home, also has feelings for her. Together, she and Curly have to do something to save their relationship and keep Judd from doing something terrible. Woven in is the life of Ado Annie, one of Laurey's friends.

Her boyfriend has just gotten back from a trip to Kansas City. While he was away, she fell for a peddler who is a ladies' man and doesn't really want to marry her.

Set against the backdrop of ranching Oklahoma, this musical is full of fun, music, and romance for everyone.

Tickets are available from the school at lunchtimes only or on the door on the night.

Buy early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets are priced at €12 for an adult, €8 for students/senior citizens.

Special offer for Thursday night only 2 adults and 2 children €35, 1 adult and 2 children €24.