Luka Bloom returns for two Kildare gigs

Concert dates for Maynooth and Newbridge

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Luka Bloom returns for two Kildare gigs

Luka Bloom

County Kildare native Luka Bloom is coming home to play his last gigs of the year.

Currently on a major tour of Holland and Belgium where he played to sold out theatres, he very much looks forward to concluding his 'Refuge' tour on home turf.

His performances have been getting a great response.

"The very embodiment of the folk singer, Luka Bloom has that deep sense of social justice with an uncanny ability to distil contemporary life into the pithiest and most alluring combinations of lyrics and melody lines. His voice is still as open and honest as it was over 30 years ago, and his guitar finds chord combinations that are all his own. Passion, playfulness and pause for thought: a hearty combination in any gig,” said the Irish Times in March of this year.

The first Kildare gig takes place at the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth on Friday November 30. Tickets cost €20. To book, text or ring Noel on 087 260 2640 or log on to

The second home gig will be held at the Riverbank Arts Centre at Newbridge on Saturday December 1. Tickets cost €20 and can be booked by logging on to