The penny drops, finally, as GAA cancel all games

Better late ......

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan


The penny drops, finally, as GAA cancel all games

Snow is falling.

All around us.

Blizzards on the way.

Yellow, orange.


Now turned red.

Not just here.

And there.


Well 26 counties anyway.

Not sure about the other six.

Arlene insists

Orange only.

Mary Lou demands.

Green or nothing.

Except in the south.

But sure no one in Stormont.

For 13 months.

Or more.

Dáil empty.

Nothing new there.

Working from home.



Bigger supermarkets.

Mostly closed.

If not, about to.

Banks didn’t open.


Paddy Power.

Didn’t shut.



Rugby off.

Soccer off.

Racing off.


Not a peep.

Well a small peep.

No decision.

Until Friday.

Do they know something.

Are we being kept in the dark.

Did Evelyn Cusack tell the GAA.

All snow will disappear.

Between Friday.

And Saturday.

And Sunday.

Come on Evelyn.

Tell the rest of us.

Should Kerry travel.

Saturday night to take on Dubs.

Mayo ready to hit the road.

To Conleth’s Park.

Hawkfield on standby.

Who knows.

Rule nothing in.

Or out.

New boss in Croker.

Still celebrating.

Or what.

Decision time.

Make it official.


All games off.

Not rocket science.

The world won’t stop.

Unless that is.

The GAA know.

Something the rest of us.

Simply don’t!

News alert.

GAA  cave in.

All games off.

Blank weekend.

Eveleyn must have been on the blower.

And that's official.