In this week's Leinster Leader Sport

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan


In this week's Leinster Leader Sport

Moving in the right direction … report, reaction, table, fixtures and comment on Kildare’s win over Cork in the Allianz Football League

The Rebels gunned down by lively Lily sharp shooters (Tommy Callaghan).

Kildare rob The Orchard and the points as they open their AHL campaign in Armagh, report and reaction.

Co. Board musings: Positiive week ends on a bit of a sour note

Kildare minors just shade it over Louth in Leinster League opener.

Rugby: Storming fiish gives Naas another victory.

Heaslip at the helm of Ireland win (Dermot O’Mahoney).

Golf: Joseph Byrne, a rising golf star.

The Golf Doctor: Perfecting the art of chipping (Gavin Lunny).

Quarter final place for Newbrige College Juniors

Racing Affairs: Irish equine talent with Cheltenham handicap races in their sights (Robert Catterson).

Dogs: Brace of winners for John and Eugene.

Basketball: Patricians fall at All Ireland semi final stage.

Motorsport: Mark Reade and Leastone launch 2017 campaign