Captain's Profile: Moorefield

Senior Football Championship

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan


Ciarán Kelly, Moorefield panel

Name: Ciarán Kelly

Age: 29

Height: 6’0

Honours: 1 Minor Championship, 1 U21 Championship, 5 Senior Cham-pionships, 5 Senior Leagues, 1 Leinster Club.

Three people who have had an influence on your career: mother, father, grandad

Three words to describe yourself as a player: Lazy corner forward

What does it mean to you to captain your club to a county final: It will be great if we win!

Favourite Sportsperson and why: Roger Federer – Incredible skill, longevity and winner

Who is the best player you played with: Ian Lonergan

Who is the best player you played against: Aaron Kernan

Most memorable sporting moment: This Sunday hopefully

Favourite Club Player: Tommie Archbold (BEustace)

Favourite County Player: Adam Tyrrell

Best grounds you’ve played in: Croke Park

One county player you’d like to see play for your club: Gary Brennan (Clare)

Advice for young players in sport: Enjoy it, prepare well and play without fear.

Best advice someone has given you: Shoot on sight

Who’s the most skilful players on your team: Eanna O’Connor