Bemusement at the eyes of the law

dear Editor

dear Editor

The report from the local courts in last week’s Leinster Leader caused considerable bemusement to many including this writer.

Any foreigner visiting the town would no doubt marvel at the apparent finely tuned monitoring of all illegal activities in our town and the intolerance of even the most minor of transgressions coupled with the zealous enforcement of the law courts of penalties on those transgressors as evidenced in the Leader report.

One man was fined €1,000 for not having a dog licence, another youth had to pay €100 for crossing a continuous white line, and a third lady was fined €350 for parking on the hard shoulder on a motorway.

Meanwhile driving with no insurance attracted a fine of €500 each for two other defendants.

Presumably an unlicensed dog presents a more serious threat to the public than an uninsured driver.

Would that it were true that the eagle-eyed garda who noticed a youth crossing a white line will signal a zero tolerance to offenders and will put the fear of God into the drug pushers, vandals, burglars, and thugs who roam the town and parks and in the main, go undetected and unpunished, each weekend.


Willie Crowley