Online entertainment hub reaches 7,000 Athy followers

Beating the Covid blues

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan


Online entertainment hub reaches 7,000 Athy followers

Athy man, Rob Chanders

An ‘Entertain Us Athy’ page on Facebook — designed to give people a lift during the pandemic — has gone from very humble beginnings to now over 7,000 followers.

The online portal was the brainchild of Community Officer Patricia Berry as well as Community Garda Seán O’Mahony and others.

Patricia said: “It started out as a little local project during lockdown where people sitting at home alone or with their families could sing a song or do a dance or tell a yarn.

“We got massive participation from day one, and it's really brought people out of themselves without leaving their kitchen or living room.

“It's local and it's entertaining and that's the secret. It's the community coming together like we never thought possible a year ago.

“We also have natives of Athy living abroad in the UK or US or Australia and they tune in to see locals performing.

“A lot of people such as teenagers wouldn't have had the confidence to sing online but once they did it once they have embraced it and we have families singing songs together now. It's a life-saver for a lot of people!”