Hill of Allen to light up at 6pm today for St Brigid's Day - watch live online!

St Brigid's Day celebrations in Kildare

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Hill of Allen to light up at 6pm today for St Brigid's Day - watch live online!

The Hill of Allen

The tower at the top of Kildare's Hill of Allen will be immersed in white light this evening to mark the eve of St Brigid's Day.

This is the first time that the Hill of Allen will be illuminated. The lighting up, organised by local tourism organisation Into Kildare, will take place from 6pm to midnight this evening, January 31, to mark the ‘eve’ of St Brigid’s Day. The tower will remain lit up on February 1.

Kildare viewers can watch the lighting-up on the Into Kildare Facebook page from 5.57pm. The lighting-up will be preceeded by a message from An Taoiseach Micheal Martin.

According to Into Kildare, the tower will be illuminated white to represent a message of hope for the coming year. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be no access on the evening to the site to ensure public safety and comply with Government guidelines.

Into Kildare is currently running a series of events to mark the festival of Kildare's patron saint. Full details can be found at www.intokildare.ie.

The Hill of Allen is a volcanic hill situated in the west of County Kildare, beside the village of Allen. According to Irish Mythology it was the seat of the hunter-warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna. The site is partly owned and quarried in recent decades by Roadstone.

The Tower of Allen, known as 'Aylmer's Folly' was built by Sir Gerald George Aylmer of Donadea Castle in the 1860s.