Panic buying hits Naas supermarket shelves


Theresa O'Meara


Theresa O'Meara


Panic buying hits Naas supermarket shelves

An empty trolley bay at the Tesco store, Monread, Naas

At the Tesco extra store in Monread, Naas, at lunch time today it was like Christmas Eve. 

There were queues for parking and parking attendants directing people into spaces as they became available.

The store is the largest supermarket in County Kildare and one of the biggest in Ireland

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The shopping trolley bays were empty and the checkout queues snaked up the alcohol aisle past the bakery at the back of the store and all the way around to the opticians.

Staff, many of whom had a 5am start, were struggling to keep up with demand as all the dot com online shopping slots (the supermarket's pre-order and delivery service) had been full days beforehand.

Aisles with non perishable foods, like tins of beans and vegetables, and toilet rolls, were being cleaned out by shoppers anxious to stock up. 

Busy queues and emptying shelves are also being reported at supermarkets across the county in the wake of the Taoiseach's announcement this morning on further restrictions and the shutting of schools, childcare facilities and universities due to the coronavirus spread.