Special meeting on Kildare village future postponed to next Wednesday

A hundred years of joint service on Timolin Tidy Towns committee

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Special meeting on Kildare village future postponed to next Wednesday

Cllr Ivan Keatley to attend meeting


The date of a special meeting on the future of Timolin village to be held in Timolin next week has been put back by a day.

The meeting was scheduled for Paddy O'Brien's at 8.00pm on Feb. 18.

It has now been changed to the following day Wednesday, Feb. 19, still at 8.00pm, to accommodate some who wished to attend.

  The meeting will discuss the future of Timolin village, the expansion of its agenda to reflect interest in climate change, environmental issues and the development of an Heritage Tourist Trail across the South Kildare Villages of  Moone, Timolin, Ballitore,Narraghmore, Crookstown, Calversown, Kilmeade and their surrounding areas.

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 Spokesperson, Sean Cleary, said that Kildare county councillor, Ivan Keatley is to attend.

 Mr Cleary said that the present Tidy Towns Committee feels the committee  should be reorganised to include a wider range of local interests services and people. “The present members have jointly served over 100 years on the committee and would hand over to a new group who would reflect the interests of both new and longer residents of the village and area.”

He said he expected the open meeting on Wednesday next should be over by 9.00pm-9.15pm. 

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 It will include the AGM of Timolin Tidy Towns and its future will be on the agenda. 

Mr Cleary said that Timolin is  now part of the Village Together Project which is aiming to replace the original hardware, grocery and pub services provided to local people with a new visitor market and new businesses to revitalize the area, by-passed by motorways and the loss of its importance and its post offices, gardai and public transport etc.

 He said KWETB is currently sponsoring "Discussion Workshops"in Crookstown Education Center on how this may be achieved.

 Mr Cleary said all interested in the future of Timolin should attend and are welcome.