Monster book sale today and tomorrow in aid of KWWSPCA

Friday 14 and Saturday 15, 11am-5pm at Kilcullen Town Hall

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Monster book sale in aid of the KWWSPCA this weekend

Hugo peruses his reading options at the Town Hall, Kilcullen where a massive book sale takes place today and tomorrow

The KWWSPCA will host its monster book sale in aid of the KWWSPCA Shelter Fund from 11am to 5pm today and tomorrow at the Town Hall/Heritage Centre in Kilcullen.

The range of books on offer is very wide with a large number of novels catering for all tastes as well as non-fiction books, such as cookery books, travel books, biographies, etc.

Lots of children’s books, some classics, interactive books - and many sold at just €1 each!

That's today, Friday 14 and Saturday, 15 February from 11am-5pm.