Kildare school donates €56,000 to hospital for children

Clongowes Wood fund to go towards ultrasound machine at Our Lady's Children's Hospital

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare school donates €56,000 to hospital for children

the Duck

 Clongowes Wood College in Clane  handed a cheque for €56,000 to to CHI, Crumlin (formerly known as Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin) following an event during the summer. 

The funds were the proceeds from the annual Clongowes Duck Push, which is now in its 27th year.

On October 10, thirty-five students and Steven Gray, Clongowes Duck Push Coordinator, met with the medical staff and members of the fundraising team at the Children's Medical Research Foundation building where the cheque was accepted by Dr Michael McDermott on behalf of the hospital. 

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The proceeds from the 2019 Duck Push will fund the purchase of a Hitachi Noblus Portable Ultrasound machine to be used in the Intensive Care Unit at Crumlin’s Children Hospital.

 This is the largest CHI hospital in Ireland, over 8,000 examinations are performed on children each year.

 The Portable Ultrasound machine is used to diagnose serious, and sometimes fatal conditions such as lymphoma and other childhood cancers. 

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The medical team have been waiting many years to replace the current machine which is thirteen years old and this has now been made possible as a result of the concerted fundraising efforts of all involved. After the presentation, the group visited the Intensive Care Unit to see similar machines in operation.

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin has been the main beneficiary of the Clongowes Duck Push over the years, receiving over €2 million.

 The money raised has allowed the hospital to buy medical equipment, which has had a direct impact on the treatment of children. Equipment purchased to date has ranged from portable ultrasound machines (for use with children with limited mobility) to machines to help diagnose cancer patients more quickly.

Chris Lumb, Headmaster at Clongowes Wood College SJ, said they were very proud of the hard work the students have put in to raising funds as part of the Duck Push.  “This is a quintessential Clongowes initiative, in the spirit of our Jesuit ethos to form “Men for Others.” 

 For 26 years, Transition Year students at Clongowes have taken on the Duck Push to allow the purchase of life saving equipment for children.

Mr Lumb said here isn’t a single tumor diagnosis made at the hospital today, for example, without the use of equipment funded by the school Transition Year students.

Over the past academic year, the students have organised various fundraising events such as the Clongowes 5K and Annual Golf Classic.

 The students have set up mini-companies, involving the selling of Christmas cards, bake sales and more, all to raise funding for the piece of equipment.

 The final fundraising effort was the pushing of the two 3-meter high yellow ducks along the 265 kilometre journey from Dublin to Limerick whilst shaking their buckets along the way encouraging the local communities to donate.