Lights out for Kildare's 60 cemeteries

Safety is one issue in policy

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare County Council policy not to put lights in its cemeteries

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The installation of lighting in cemeteries would encourage people to visit cemeteries after dark, Kildare County Council officials have said.

Cllr Joe Neville asked that the council review the public lighting at Confey Cemetery.

The Celbridge-Leixlip district committee was told that  public lighting in the jurisdiction of Kildare County Council will be reviewed as part of the National Public Lighting Upgrade Project which proposes to retrofit all local authority non LED public lights with high efficiency LED lights.

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But officials are against lighting cemeteries at night. “It is the policy of the Environment Department (Council’s) to not provide lighting within cemeteries. The installation of lighting would encourage people to visit cemeteries after dark. Health and safety concerns would arise if the complete area of the cemetery was not adequately lit,” said senior executive officer, Liam Dunne.

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 The council has responsibility for over 60 cemeteries in the county, none of which has public lighting.