Kildare councillor's bus complaints call

Complain when bus services is poor says Labour councillor

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare councillor's bus complaints call

Cllr Ciara Galvin

A newly elected Kildare County Council has asked people to complain to the relevant authorities when bus services are poor.

On September 1, Cllr. Ciara Galvin today launched a new "Complain Campaign" for people who use Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann services in Celbridge.

"For the month of September, I am asking all frequent bus users in Celbridge to complain every single time a bus drives by full, or is badly overcrowded, or doesn't run at all.” 

The Labour councillor said taking part in the campaign is easy. “Make your complaints to the relevant company online in real-time, encourage your fellow bus users to do so too, and then let me know about the incident,” she said.

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At the end of the month, she will compile all the complaints she receive a copy of, as well as the ones already sent to me since she was elected in May.  “I'll raise them with local management with a view to improving our public transport services."

On the general problems facing frequent bus users in Celbridge, Cllr. Galvin said:

"I know from 15 years of using Dublin Bus that the problems we see year round are exacerbated in September when the schools are back, and when most people are back in work after annual leave. We can expect to see commuters having problems getting onto packed buses after the Main Street when going into work in the morning, and after Westmoreland Street coming home. It can also be difficult to get onto a bus to Maynooth before 9.00am, as they're often full until Salesians/CCS.

Cllr Galvin said there are also the 'ghost buses' which show up on Real Time Information, but vanish into the ether with no explanation."It's not good enough. We have a large working population here in Celbridge, and we pay a lot of taxes, and that's not reflected in the frequency or the capacity of the public transport which services our town. We really do deserve better, and I believe it's achievable if we pull together on it."

On the prospect of the campaign being successful, Cllr. Galvin said that based on the success of the recent people-powered drive to get a new Airport Hopper serving Celbridge - which we now expect in 2020 she is asking everyone to get on board to make this a success too. "Staying quiet, or just griping to friends and family about having to wait 40 minutes plus for the next bus when one drives past definitely won't make a difference, but making a complaint every single time it happens will, especially if everyone affected does it."

The campaign will mostly be conducted online, but Cllr. Galvin will be handing out leaflets to commuters later this week with the following information on how to make a complaint:

Complain to Dublin Bus: 

Complain to Bus Eireann:

Cllr. Galvin can also be sent a copy of complaints on her Facebook page, or emailed at