New classroom permission for Kildare primary school

Prefabs to be replaced at Newtown school in Enfield

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


New classroom permission for Kildare primary school

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Kildare County Council has granted planning permission for an extension of Newtown national school in Enfield, Kildare.

Four prefab classrooms will be removed and they will be replaced by four mainstream permanent classrooms and two special education tuition rooms.

Last school year, 2018-19, the school had 90 students with an average class size of 22.1 per class.

There were 35 students taught in classes with under 20 pupils in them, almost 40% of all the school’s students and 55 taught in classes with between 25-29 pupils in them.

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Labour’s Emmet Stagg said the prefab classrooms are over 20 years old and it will be great to see them replaced with a modern building.

Funding has been approved for the works under the Department of Education’s additional accommodation Scheme and the Board of Management of the school will now commence the process of securing tenders for the work.