€10,000 fine for former Kildare AIB worker who stole money from customer accounts

Case heard at Naas District Court

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€10,000 fine for former Kildare AIB worker who stole money from customer accounts

Naas Courthouse

A former AIB employee who stole over €6,000 from customer accounts has been fined €10,000.

Declan Byrne, 31, with an address listed in court documents as 42 Marble Crescent, Gallowshill, Kilkenny appeared before Naas District Court yesterday, Wednesday, May 22 charged with Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act, 2001.

Mr Byrne pleaded guilty to ten charges of theft.

The court heard that Mr Byrne was an employee of the AIB bank in Naas at the time.

Garda Sergeant Jim Kelly said between July 17 and August 31 2017, Mr Byrne carried out ten different transactions involving a number of different accounts held by AIB customers, totaling €6,900.

Sgt Kelly said Mr Byrne was withdrawing cash from accounts.

Sgt Kelly said one customer noticed money missing from their account, and an investigation was launched.

The court heard the full amount of money was paid back, and the customers were never at any financial loss.

Evidence was given that Mr Byrne made full admissions, and resigned from the job.

Solicitor, David Powderly, said his client was using the money to buy a lifestyle to impress his friends.

Mr Powderly said his client was an employee for four years, and had an exemplary record up until that point. He said Mr Byrne greatly regrets his actions.

Mr Powderly said his client fell in with friends with a lifestyle above his.

“He was always going to be caught, it was a naive and foolish attempt to take money,” said Mr Powderly.

He said the defendant has secured alternative employment teaching in a secondary school.

Mr Powderly asked Judge Desmond Zaidan to consider that there was no loss to the bank, that his client is genuinely remorseful, that the probation report said his client is at a low risk of re-offending.

He asked him to give his client a chance other than a custodial sentence, and that his client has a significant gesture of remorse in court.

Mr Byrne handed in a letter of apology to AIB customers and staff which the special investigations unit acknowledged.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said it was a significant breach of trust. 

Judge Zaidan said these are the type of offences that carry custodial sentences, one year for each of the ten charges.

Judge Zaidan noted that the theft was not done to commit criminal acts. 

“It’s mind boggling that you done it to impress your friends,” he said.

Judge Zaidan said Mr Byrne was very fortunate the bank caught up with him within six weeks before the amount went into double figures.

Judge Zaidan fined the defendant €10,000, €1,000 on each charge, and gave him 12 months to pay. 

An own bond appeal of €2,000 cash was set.