Newbridge man waved baseball bat outside home of man charged with child pornography possession

Ordered to make charity donation

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Leader Reporter


Newbridge man waved baseball bat outside home of man charged with child pornography possession

Naas Courthouse

A Newbridge man who took a baseball bat to the house of a man who was charged with child pornography possession has been ordered to pay money to charity.

Damien O’Raw, 51, with an address listed as 29 The Grove, Liffey Hall, Newbridge, appeared before Naas District Court on Thursday, March 28 charged with possession of a baseball bat.

Sgt Brian Jacob told the court that on August 4, 2018, at an address in Newbridge, Mr O’Raw was waving a baseball bat outside the house of a man who was, at the time, before the courts charged with possession of child pornography.

The court heard the man’s young daughter came to the door.

The solicitor for Mr O’Raw told the court that his client pleaded guilty to the charge, wasn’t going to use the baseball bat, and that he is “absolutely ashamed and shouldn’t have done it”.

The solicitor said the defendant hasn’t come to garda attention since. He has been living in the area since 1999, and is a “hard-working family man” who contributes a lot to the community.

A letter was handed in from the defendant’s employer, and his solicitor said he has a “very good relationship with the people he meets during the course of his work".

He said his client understands how wrong his actions were, and that it was a “few minutes of madness”.

The solicitor added that Mr O'Raw was fully cooperative with gardai and made full admissions, and that he never meant to do harm, that it was a gesture to send out a message.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said that the family of the man who was charged with the child pornography offence are innocent, even though the offence, of which he has since been convicted, is horrendous. “It’s up to the courts to administer justice, not the public,” said Judge Zaidan.

He asked Mr O’Raw to take the oath and apologise to the family involved. “I’m deeply sorry for what I did, it was wrong,” said Mr O’Raw.

Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered the defendant to pay €1,000 to Barretstown children’s charity, and if a receipt is handed in on May 16, 2019, Judge Zaidan will apply the Probation Act, section 1.1.