Mixed Kildare welcome for second Celbridge bridge

Another Liffey bridge not a magic bullet says Cllr Brendan Young

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Mixed Kildare welcome for second Celbridge bridge

Cllr Brendan Young


The Department of Housing  has said that consultants are to be appointed to bring the second bridge in Celbridge to design and tender stage.

Kildare North TD, Frank O’Rourke has welcomed the news.

But at the launch of his local election campaign on February 26, Cllr Brendan Young questioned the strategy sayings that in the longer term a second bridge will just attract more traffic leading to sprawl and congestion.

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Deputy O’Rourke said Kildare County Council have received approval from the Department of Housing to appoint a consultant to bring the proposed second bridge in Celbridge from concept through to the design and tender stage. “The consultants should be appointed within three months approximately.

He said he a second crossing over the river Liffey in Celbridge is needed. “This is a much needed piece of infrastructure and Celbridge has waited too long for it.”

But speaking at Celbridge Manor Hotel, Cllr Young said: “I don’t think a second bridge is a magic bullet. You build a new road and traffic will come to fill it.”

He said more  public transport is needed and could be  provided free nationally for €530 million. “We need to stop using cars as much as we do. A public transport system would lead to a lot of saving in accident, ambulance and other costs.”

Cllr Young said in 15 years  time the combustion engine car won’t be allowed in Paris in France.

He also said: “The design of public housing was leading to sprawl and higher density housing is needed.”

Cllr O’Rourke said that traffic congestion in Celbridge is a major issue. “We are making progress on increasing the capacity of the (current) Liffey bridge but congestion will only be substantially relieved when a second bridge is provided with the associated link roads for Celbridge.”

Deputy O’Rourke said we also need a ring road around Maynooth and the completion of the ring road in Clane. “We must provide the necessary infrastructure as our towns grow.”