Estimated cost of a social house in north Kildare scheme is €340,000

Twenty five social houses proposed for Celbridge development

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Estimated cost of a social house in north Kildare scheme is €340,000


The proposed average cost of  providing a social house to Kildare County Council at the proposed Oldtown site  is €340,058 according to documents filed with the planning application.

According to the Part V proposal by O’Flynn Construction, at Oldtown, Celbridge, off the Shackletown road, it is proposed by build  a total of 251 residences including 167 houses and 84 apartments.

It is agreed that 25 or 10% of these will be for social housing under the Part V legislation.

Of this six would go to Kildare County Council and 19 would go to an approved housing body, according to the estimates prepared last December.

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The documents breaks costs down into building costs and other costs.

The construction costs comprise just under 70% of the total costs.

The average basic construction cost of the 25 units, of which 38% will be one bed apartments, is €138,462, ranging from €94,875 for a one bed to €183,443 for a four bed unit.

The basic construction costs per square metre range from €1,370 to €1,800 the difference explained by staircase and landing space and costs.

When the others costs, such as site costs, were added to the building the average cost was €340,058 or €8.5 million.

The €8.5m included VAT of €1.01m.

This too excluded land costs, the finance for which estimated to cost the developer 8% interest, and some other costs.

It excluded developer profit for the 25 houses of a total of €502,000 but included the builder’s profits.