Bus Éireann says sorry to Kildare customers

Company says it has provided extra resources at evening peak times

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



Bus Éireann says sorry to Kildare customers

Bus Eireann File Photo

Bus Éireann has apologised to customers in Kildare for service failings.

The company told the Leader that it has “recently provided additional resources in both the morning and evening peak” on the 115, 120 and 126 services.

The Leader asked Bus Eireann comment on specific incidents whether the National Transport Authority (NTA) has been in contact with Bus Eireann about the service/s and whether extra buses or staff are being recruited.

John Sheridan, Bus Eireann, said: “While service delays and disruptions are unavoidable at times, Bus Éireann recognise the impact of such disruptions to our customers and would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“In order to mitigate some of the recent customer experience issues along the 115, 120 and 126 corridor, Bus Éireann have recently provided additional resources in both the morning and evening peak.

“We continue to monitor all service and we will be implementing a number of internal measures to further improve service performance within the resources available.”

Service user Enda Kiernan said buses sometimes did not stop at Ovidstown Cross and are often full going to Celbridge. “A lot of the time the bus is full. They need more buses,” he said.

Mr Kiernan is sceptical about the issue.

“They get large tax revenues from cars. There is not much revenue in buses for public transport.”

Colm Kevitt, from Kill, said the 126 to Dublin is “always not turning up in Kill, late or too early on occasions.”

Mr Kevitt said that “despite complaints to Bus Eireann nothing is acknowledged as being wrong or bad by them.”