The safety of school children is at risk in Sallins

Action is needed

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


The safety of school children is at risk in Sallins


Sallins residents are being asked to sign a petition seeking road safety improvements in the town.

Local election candidate Fergus Carpenter wants Kildare County Council to introduce “two simple and cost-free” measures that would, he says, make a quick and significant impact on road safety in Sallins.

Mr Carpenter is also the chairman of the local community council which has been campaigning for road safety improvements for over a year. In November the group organised a silent march with the family of Dane Loakman, who died in road accident a year previously. He’s calling on KCC to ban parking at the old Gala shop from 7am to 9am. Monday to Friday so that the school buses can pull in off the main road to collect school children.

“We regularly see situations with trucks passing out the school bus into oncoming traffic with a few centimetres to spare, and yet there is ample space just off the road where buses could pull in and safely wait for the young people. We just need this small area to be no-parking for these two hours,” he said.

“This would cost absolutely nothing and would not discommode anyone”.

The second is the removal of some parking spaces at the pedestrian crossing opposite the Railway Inn in the centre of Sallins.

“Drivers cannot see children who are crossing here and children can’t see the oncoming cars until they are out on the road – a ridiculously dangerous situation that contravenes national guidelines on driver and pedestrian visibility at pedestrian crossings,” added Mr Carpenter.

He says the council have agreed to remove the spaces but a date for the work has not been forthcoming.

“This will significantly improve the safety of the hundreds of people crossing here each day. It could save a life,” he said.