Second bridge in Newbridge could ease traffic problems in the town

Vital for future infrastructure say local councillors

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Second bridge in Newbridge could ease traffic problems in the town

Liffey Bridge, Newbridge PICTURE: Tony Keane

A second bridge in Newbridge is vital for the future development of the town.

That’s according to local Kildare councillors.

Cllr Sean Power raised the motion at the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting on January 16.

Cllr Power called on Kildare County Council to make every effort to source funding for the provision of a new bridge for Newbridge.

He said a second bridge could help the traffic that people endure, and the impact that has on the town.

He asked the council if a cost benefit analysis be carried out.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy supported the motion saying potentially all existing developments in the town really are choked without a second bridge.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy said Newbridge should push to being identified as a key town with a view to attracting developments for a second bridge.

Cllr Morgan McCabe said transportation is a huge issue for Newbridge. He said a second bridge is a vital part of infrastructure for the development of the area.

The council said the roads department were disappointed not to get funding for the bridge last year.

“While the application made in 2018 for funding for a new bridge under the first call for the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) was not successful, it is anticipated that a further opportunity to apply for funding will emerge in 2019/2020 as the URDF has an overall allocation of funding of €2 billion to 2027,” it said.

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