Maynooth Square work proposal

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Maynooth Square work proposal


Problems with the surface of the path at Maynooth's Square has been raised by members of the local Municipal District meeting on January 10.

The issue arose when Cllr John McGinley proposed that the pay parking surplus in the town be used to re-furbish The Square this year and any surplus be used for access and disability schemes in Maynooth.

Officials said the refurbishment of the Square would need design, costing and public consultation in the context of a public realm plans and “could be considered by the Public Realm Team, the establishment of which is now under consideration at this time and subject to the agreement and funding support of the five municipal districts”.

Cllr McGinley said he would propose spending €200,000 on the Square.

Cllr Tim Durkan supported the motion. He said there were complaints that when it is wet the limestone currently on The Square gets very slippy and childrenfrom the girls school had slipped on it.

Cllr Theresa Murray said the issue might need another meeting.

Council executive, Evelyn Wright, said any plan would likely need a Part 8 consultation process and they could get the Public Realm Team to look at it.

But Ms Wright said it was unlikely this work would start in 2019 due to programme of work.

Cllr McGinley said that he had not heard of complaints about people slipping on limestone.

The Council has plans for other work in the town in Main Street between Brady's and Willow and Wild.

The Area Engineer said that would happen this year but not the work proposed by Cllr McGinley. He suggested they could earmark €200,000 for it this year and add further funds when the work was done after 2019.

Cllr Murray said the Main Street should complement the Square work.