More car park spaces could be provided in Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


More car park spaces could be provided in Naas

More spaces could be opened up at Fairgreen Street, Naas

Ten car park spaces would be provided at Fairgreen Street, Naas, if the parking rules were changed.

Currently the space outside the Super Valu store is reserved for buses, primarily serving the nearby St. Corban’s boys primary school.

Other vehicle drivers run the risk of incurring a fine if they park there.

But Naas councillor Darren Scully wants motorists to be allowed use the spaces - when school buses are not operating.

However a move to open the spaces ran aground at a Naas Municipal District meeting because Kildare County Council  says the parking rules need to be changed to allow this.

It was also pointed out by KCC that the rules were reviewed and adopted by the nine Naas councillors” as recently as 2017” and “a considerable amount of resources and funding were allocated to (this) review.”

According to KCC a review of the Naas rules is not in the “current programme” and resources are now diverted to other towns where parking rules will be brought in next year.

Cllr. Scully  described the situation as a waste of parking spaces.

“Cars should be able to use it when buses aren’t,” he said.

He said the councillors never said only buses should use the space.

He accepted that the councillors agreed not to have bus parking around the corner closer to school as an alternative to Fairgreen Street - but this was for safety reasons.

“It’s currently illegal to park a car there,” he said, adding that KCC could tell Apcoa not to issue fines against someone who parks there.

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