Construction completed at new Newbridge skatepark, says Council


Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Construction completed at new Newbridge skatepark, says Council

Newbridge Skatepark PICTURE: Tony Keane

Construction on the controversial Newbridge Skatepark was due to be finished last week, according to Kildare County Council.

The Parks Department further added that “the repair of the grass areas around the skatepark and installation of new paths will be completed by February subject to weather conditions.”

The skatepark is located across from Dunnes Stores at the green area beside Woodies car park on the Moorefield Road.

There were lenghtly delays in the construction of the skatepark, with works originally scheduled to start in April. This was subsequently pushed back to September.

At the September Kildare- Newbridge Municipal District meeting, Cllr Sean Power said there was “division” with some people about the skatepark, but it was a project that young people are enthusiastic about.

The project was given the green light by KCC members in May 2017. Some local residents of Moorefield Park tirelessly campaigned against it, fearing it would bring anti-social behaviour, graffiti and illegal parking.

However, skatepark campaigners argued this was not the case as the park will be overlooked by a busy road and can be viewed openly, ruling out possible anti-social behaviour.

The campaigners canvassed for over 20 years to get the park up and running.

There has been a lengthy campaign to find a suitable home for the facility in the town, spanning almost three council terms.

The plans went on public display before Christmas 2016 and the submissions were complied into a report.

Parks Superintendent Simon Wallace said the council was satisfied the site was correctly zoned, it was a suitable location and in line with the County Development Plan.

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