Councillor slams NTA's delay with traffic management plan for Newbridge


Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Councillor slams delays with NTA's traffic management plan for Newbridge

File Photo: Newbridge

Frustration is mounting over the delay in a traffic management plan for Newbridge.

Members of Kildare County Council met with the National Transport Authority (NTA) on November 21.

Sinn Féin Cllr Mark Lynch said that, at the meeting, the NTA said they would be back to the Council with a public consultation plan before Christmas.

“The initial meeting we had with them there earlier on in the year, they were to come back to us in the summer time with a public consultation.

“That never occurred, summer came through and the meeting never happened.

“So finally we had a follow-up meeting with them at last month’s MD meeting. Everyone at the meeting was in agreement to go ahead with the project, and they said we’ll come back to you in two weeks time, we’re going to put this out to public consultation and then we’re going to arrange a public meeting in approximately February to get people’s opinion on it. Here we are, four weeks later and no word from them.”

Cllr Lynch said the most frustrating thing is that the NTA are not accountable to anyone. He said the Council are reliant on what they say.

“This is past a need, Newbridge has had no significant road improvements in the last 20 years, except doubling the amount of houses, doubling the amount of businesses and no investment in terms of new roadways. The traffic in the area is terrible. We’ve been left in a situation now where there’s been huge expansion and absolutely no money put into the town.

“The NTA promised something over a year ago and we’re seeing no actual follow through with what they’re saying.”

There has been much anger over the synchronisation of traffic lights in Newbridge town over the last number of months.

At November’s MD meeting, Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy said she was concerned at the length of time a traffic management plan will take to roll out for the town, and suggested looking at a temporary solution.

“That’s only tinkering around the edge of the issue, synching the traffic lights is really just minor, that’s not what’s needed — it’s a second bridge and significant road improvements.”

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