Dogs at Kildare Animal Shelter looking for forever homes

Adoption advice coming up for Christmas

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Leader Reporter


Dogs at Kildare Animal Shelter looking for forever homes

LEFT: Frankie and RIGHT: Missy both looking for homes

There are a number of dogs looking for homes at the Kildare and West Wicklow Society for the prevention for animal cruelty (KWWSPCA).

The Newbridge animal shelter, run solely by volunteers, is very busy this time of year.

“At the moment, re-homing has been going very well. There are about 7 dogs at the moment that we haven’t managed to find homes for so things are going well thankfully”, said volunteer Grainne Murphy.

The shelter receives a grant from the government on condition that legislation is complied with but funding is primarily received through fundraisers and donations.

“We’d always be looking for donations. What an awful lot of people do, schools in particular, is a shoe box appeal for the students. They’ll donate things like collars and leads and food. And then in the lead up to Christmas we always ask if people could possibly donate wet food, in particular, cans and pouches.

“And if anybody wanted to donate any dry food, the dry food we use is Gain Maintenance. We take donations always of old blankets, we don’t take pillow or duvets but old blankets and vet bedding, stuff like that is always great”, added Grainne.

There are also Christmas cards and car window stickers on sale in their charity shop, Noahs Ark on Cutlery Road in Newbridge.

Grainne’s advice to anyone thinking of adopting a dog coming up to Christmas is think ahead.

“Our advice to anybody would be that first of all in the lead up to Christmas and around the Christmas period, everybody is extremely busy, and they don’t actually have time for a dog. So it’s not a good time of year to bring a dog into a home.”

“Think long and hard before before you get a dog. The old saying a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, people need to remember that a dog could live anything from 10-20 years if they’re a healthy dog. So you have to be prepared to make a commitment.”

Grainne recommended anyone with children under the age of 7 not get a dog because there may not be enough time to walk and exercise the dog.

She also recommended not buying from DoneDeal or backyard breeders, because the dogs are likely to have health problems, so only buy off reputable breeders.

“We would far prefer if people rescue dogs”, said Grainne.

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