Man banned from driving after speeding at 184kph on N7 at Kill

"Has he a death wish?" asks district court judge

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Leader reporter


Man banned from driving after speeding at 184kph on N7 at Kill

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A 23-year-old Romanian national who pleaded guilty to driving at 184kph on the N7 at Blackchurch, Kill, was fined €750 and disqualified from driving for two years.

The driver, Adam Marin, of 7 The Courtyard, College Wood Manor, Clane, was found travelling in the 100kph zone at 1.50am in the morning of March 29 this year.

“Has he a death wish?” asked Judge Desmond Zaidan at Naas District Court last week.

David Powderly, solicitor, said Mr Marin had got a call from a relative.

The message was that an aunt had been taken to hospital in an ambulance in emergency circumstances in Kilkenny.

Mr Marin was on his way there at the time he was caught speeding.

Judge Zaidan responded that the man might have ended up in an ambulance himself because of his driving.

Garda Sgt Jim Kelly, prosecuting, said Mr Marin had no previous convictions and was very cooperative when stopped.

Mr Powderly said his client was “in a panic” and “quite oblivious to speed” under the circumstances.

The solicitor asked the judge to consider reducing the charge to careless driving from dangerous driving.

This would mean that the court would not be obliged to to ban him from driving upon conviction.

Judge Zaidan said he might have considered that if the speed was 150/160 kph. “This was not 60kph in a 50kph zone. It was 184 kph in a 100kph zone.”

The judge said he would not jail Mr Marin.