School bus changes needed in Sallins


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


School bus changes needed in Sallins


Changes are likely to be made to the bus services bringing children to school in Sallins.

Independent councillor Sorcha O’Neill wants the  National Transport Authority to be asked to attend a Kildare County Council meeting to discuss the issue.

She also wants the Department of Education to be contacted with a request that the providers of bus services collecting and dropping off children in Sallins make some new arrangements.

She wants buses to cease collecting and letting off children on the main road.

Instead the children should be let off and collected in housing areas “to ensure safer access for children to alight and disembark.”

KCC official Evelyn Wright said that the council’s roads department intends to engage with the Department of Education with regard to school bus services. She also said that a number of school bus services currently pick up school pupils in housing estates in Sallins (one bus company services five estates there).

Ms. Wright also said that the roads department is engaging with the NTA about bus stops in Sallins.  

Meanwhile Sallins councillor Carmel Kelly has called for plans to be made for a comprehensive traffic management plan for Sallins and KCC says that  this will have to be incorporated wit plans to provide a public realm (designated publicly accessible space in the town) in Sallins - with money from national government and this will  also require an input from the NTA.