€600,000 or €100,000 ? The cost of a footbridge in Sallins

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



€600,000 or €100,000 ? The cost of a footbridge in Sallins


Two prices sought to build a footbridge in Sallins differ by €500,000.

Cllr. Sorcha O’Neill, who has campaigned for a bridge to span the canal, said she has received an estimated for €80,000-€100,000.

But she says Kildare County Council indicated the cost would be €600,000.

The bridge would cross the waterway at the national school.

Cllr.O’Neill said KCC initially indicated that no money was available for this .

“There are at least five of these bridges in Tullamore so I thought they couldn’t be that expensive, however I was quoted about €600,000,” said Cllr. O’Neill.

“From the outset, it looks and feels like I'm being subtly blocked by being priced out of the  market. I am hoping that there is a reasonable explanation for the difference in pricing and not that I am fobbed off. So I am asking for a detailed breakdown of how they arrived at their figures,” said Cllr O’Neill.