Naas bonfires "should be soaked before they start"

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Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas bonfires "should be soaked before they start"

Vehicles at Naas fire station

Hallowe’en bonfires being built in the Naas should be soaked in advance by the fire service, before they set alight.

A Naas councillor wants the fire services to “pre-soak” bonfires as soon as they appear. Cllr. Sorcha O’Neill has requested Kildare County Council, which manages the fire service, to “presoak any bonfires they become aware of in advance of Hallowe’en so they are unable to be set alight.”

“Despite the councils best efforts to remove any stockpiles of wood and debris used for bonfires they still seem to occur in a number of areas. Illegal bonfires are extremely dangerous and encourage anti-social behaviors. Evidence has shown that all manner of highly flammable, toxic materials, wheelie bins and sometimes animals are thrown into bonfires and then there is the mess that's left in the aftermath that also needs to be cleaned up,” Cllr. O’Neill told the Leader.

She added it’s imperative “that we do what we can before they get out of hand. If stockpiles are soaked they will not have a chance to be lit. So I am asking that the fire services work in a proactive manner by pre-soaking any obvious stockpiles for bonfires in the usual places that they occur. “

She further said that while she advocates getting rid of illegal bonfires “the tradition and want still remains.”

So she also wants to see a “properly organised family-friendly event for Halloween in Naas as a replacement.”