Dane Loakman memorial march in Sallins is confirmed

Road safety fears

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Dane Loakman memorial march in Sallins is confirmed

The funeral of Dane Loakman (16)

The march in memory of Dane Loakman, has been confirmed  for Saturday week November 24, starting at 4pm.

The 16 year old died from injuries incurred following a road accident near his Castlefen, Sallins, home about a year ago.

The march takes place from the Hillview residential area proceeding to the Gala store and back again and will take about 30 minutes.

It’s being coordinated by the Sallins Community Council which set up a road safety group following Dane’s passing to campaign for safety improvements in Sallins.

SCC chairman Fergus Carpenter has criticised the inaction of Kildare County Council who said they have “no plans or intention to make our roads, pavements and junctions safe.”

He said KCC had indicated that KCC has “no money and no staff” to do the work.

Mr. Carpenter added the march takes place to remember Dane a year after his death and as a silent protest to call on KCC to prioritise the safety of Sallins residents.

“We need your support to send out a clear and powerful message to KCC that we want our roads, pavements and junctions made safe so that our children can walk safely to school and the risk of any further tragedies occurring is minimised,” said Mr. Carpenter.