My Kildare Life: Interview with Naas blogger Rebekah O'Leary

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Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


My Kildare Life: Interview with Naas blogger Rebekah O'Leary

Rebekah O'Leary

Rebekah from Naas is the owner of ‘Rebekah With Love’, a beauty and fashion blog. She has over 7,000 followers on her Instagram.

Rebekah is the eldest of three, and went to  primary and secondary school in Naas; Mercy Convent and then St Mary’s secondary school.


My first memory of growing up in Kildare that instantly comes to my mind was getting my carton of milk in ‘Sweets n Things’ before primary school every morning! There also used to be bags of jellies you could get in there that were so cheap and that was my Friday treat my mam would bring me in to get. We also used to frequent the video shop that was in the Monread Lodge complex area to get a video or two every week, and we would spend hours picking them!


I love that it has the perfect balance of not being completely busy like a city but also not being too countryside. Especially in Naas and Newbridge; we have a great selection of restaurants and bars and for shopping the Whitewater has been a fantastic addition to the county. There was a time when you had to go to Dublin for any decent shops! Now we have great shops on our doorstep!

On the flip side of that then we are blessed to have some stunning country side on our doorstep and beautiful places to have a day outside - one of my favourites is to walk the grounds of Carton House.


I’d like to start the day out with a nice brunch/lunch — I love Siblings or Jolly in Naas for that! Then I’d like to go to  Kildare Village for a walk around. I love to go to there even just for a wander and a coffee — I think it’s so beautiful. I love especially love it at Christmas time, the atmosphere is amazing! They have a little donut van too there that does the BEST donuts — so I’d probably have them too.

On my way home from Kildare Village I’d love to pop into Pelo Hairdressing in Newbridge and get a boho blow dry — they do the best one you can get!

Then, is it too early for dinner?! Dinner  would be a toss between Rustic, Indie Spice or Il Fico in Naas. If I’m not wrecked after that day out I like one glass of chardonnay or a mojito somewhere like Kavanagh’s or Graces in Naas.


I started my blog to help people who have an interest in fashion and beauty! I wanted to always be that person you could just drop a message to with your questions and I’d help you — I suppose like a big online sister or a friend you can ask advice from. I grew up watching YouTube videos when I should have been studying for my Leaving Cert, and that was how I taught myself all things beauty and fashion. So I love to be able to give that back to people — it’s kind of full circle to me. Over the past two and a half years it has really been a therapy and an outlet for me too. I suffered a very bad injury to my right shoulder that really knocked me and my life all over the place and has consumed a lot of me. 

I spend a lot of my days in pain but my blog is my little happy area where I can be positive and hopefully make others days who might be suffering from something or feeling down, a bit brighter! I have some exciting plans coming up in the future that I can’t share just yet but it’s so fantastic to have so much fun with a hobby and I’m grateful everyday for it.