Public meeting called in Sallins over road safety fears

Road safety

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Public meeting called in Sallins over road safety fears


A public meeting meeting has been called in Sallins tonight to address the demand for improvement to roads in the town.

It takes place in the Bridgewater Inn (upstairs), starting at 8.30pm and according to Fianna Fail TD and local resident James Lawless “there is a huge appetite to come together and campaign for traffic calming and public realm improvements.”

He believes the case for the work to be done should be put to Kildare County Council before the opening of the by-pass of Sallins.

“We can get the ball rolling on a plan of action. There have been various attempts before and credit to all involved but I think we need to up the ante now,” said Dep. Lawless.

Dep. Lawless attended the protest staged by parents in Kill after a road accident there in which a girl was injured and said “similar efforts are underway in Kill.”

He added: “I know the two villages will support each other.”

Almost a year ago 16 year old Dane Loakman died in a road accident near his Castlefen home. Last weekend a  51 year old woman suffered serious injuries in an accident at Osberstown, at the other end of the town.