Kildare babies don't like Mondays latest CSO birth stats show

Low show for Lilywhites

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare babies don't like Mondays latest CSO birth stats show

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 They don’t like Mondays... and Kildare babies are less likely to arrive on the first day of the week than most others.

That appears to be the message going out from young Lilies, if one is to judge by the latest report on birth figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

In its report, Vital Statistics 2016, figures indicate that while babies arrive less on Saturday and Sunday than any other day, Monday is the quietest day for arrivals during the rest of the week.

In 2016, the CSO found, just 14% of babies arrived on Mondays, nationally, and the figure in Kildare was, at 12.7% relatively low. Only Laois (9.9%) and Wexford (12.3%) had a lower proportion of newborns coming into the world on Monday.

Sunday was the quietest day for everyone with just 9.6% arriving into this wonderful world of ours.

Nationally, the second quietest day was Saturday with 11.3%.

All things being equal, statistically, 14.28% of children should be born each day.

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But babies with mothers resident in Kildare  seem to like Wednesdays more than most.

In 2016, 580 of them (17.8%) were born on Wednesdays.

Kildare women gave birth to 3,262 babies in 2016, almost nine per day. There were 294 born in Naas town, 214 in Leixlip, 208 in Newbridge and 173 in Athy.

Naas mothers were, on average, the oldest giving birth, with a weighted average of 33.2 years, followed by Leixlip (33.1), Newbridge (30.8) and Athy (30.7).

The average maternal age for the county was 32.4