Kildare mum-of-four's massive weight loss recognised at national awards night

Unislimmer of the year

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Kildare mum-of-four's massive weight loss recognised at national awards night

Helena Dunne from Clane

A mum-of-four from Co. Kildare was among ten women recognised for their massive weight loss at a national awards night.

Helena Dunne from Clane celebrated her weight loss at this year's Unislimmer of the Year Awards.

She has lost 4 stone 3 pounds since joining Unislim.

Helena Dunne's amazing transformation

Two years ago, Helena was out of work for three months with sciatica. “I  put on a couple of stone and grew to a size 18. I have four kids and wasn’t able to do any activities with them, it was really dragging me down. When I went back to work I was horrified when people asked me if I was pregnant”

Soon after she went to a nephew’s christening wearing a coat and jeans, feeling miserable. “Nothing else fit me. That was my all-time lowest point. That evening I had a cry and was online when an ad came up for Unislim Clane.

“I recognised the leader Sarah from coming into the shop where I work. I’d seen her at her heaviest and each week she’d come in smaller and smaller. I saw that she was opening a class the following week and thought this is the push I need. That was in January 2017”.

She got on the scales and was almost 14 stone. Her leader just said to me ‘It’s a starting point. We’ll get you going in the right direction’.

She has taken up running with her 17 year old  son.

“I’ve no intention of going back. I’m just under 9 ½ stone I’m a size 8 to 10. I love going clothes shopping clothes now and seeing how things fit me. My son has signed us up for 1000Km running challenge over 2019. It’s given me a new love of life, a sense of adventure”

Helena turns 40 in November and she’s really looking forward to celebrating her birthday for the first time ever and celebrating this new woman she’s become.

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