Commuters threaten pedestrian safety in Kill and Johnstown


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Commuters threaten pedestrian safety in Kill and Johnstown

Some drivers are opting to leave the road to avoid delays

Motorists avoiding delays created by the work to create a third lane on the N7 are creating a hazard for pedestrians in Kill and Johnstown.

Rather than endure delay as a result of the reduction in the speed limit to 80 kilometres per hour, some drivers are opting to divert through Kill, Johnstown, or both.

“The villages are effectively being used as rat runs and it is difficult to cross the street between 3.30pm and 7pm most days and on Friday it starts even earlier,” said local councillor Fintan Brett.

He wants Kildare County Council to install pedestrian crossings in both places so that pedestrians can cross safely.

However the council said a preliminary site visit and assessment was carried out recently and signalised pedestrian crossings would warrant further assessments and costings. It said the total bill could come to €30,000 and money is not immediately available.

The council also added that the works are scheduled to be completed in March/April 2019.