Labour's John McGinley declines to stand again in Kildare local elections as Angela Feeney is selected to run

Long Labour tradition in Maynooth for Feeney

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Labour selected candidate in north Kildare local electoral area

John McGinley, Angela Feeney and Emmet Stagg at the Selection Convention

The Labour Party in Maynooth has selected Angela Feeney as its candidate for the Maynooth Local Electoral Area in the local elections, next May.

At a selection convention held in the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth on Tuesday, September 25, Angela, who married to Barry with three grown up children, was selected. She is Head of the School of Business and Humanities at the Institute of Technology in Tallaght.

A former secretary of Maynooth Labour Branch, she has “vowed to continue the tradition of Labour's commitment to serving the community in Maynooth and throughout the electoral area,”  following the decision by Cllr. John McGinley not to seek re-election next year.

Proposed by Emmet Stagg and seconded by Cllr. John McGinley and she was unanimously endorsed as Labour's candidate for the local elections.

Mr Stagg said he was honoured to propose Ms Feeney,. She was a member of a family with long Labour tradition dating back to Billy Norton's time.

She is involved in Maynooth Community Council, Old Greenfield Residents Association and previously served on the Maynooth Playground Committee which successfully lobbied and negotiated the development of the Harbour Field Playground facilities.

She has also been an active member of the Board of Management of Maynooth Post Primary School as an elected parents' representative.

In accepting her nomination Angela thanked her proposer and seconder, and everybody who attended the selection convention.

Ms Feeney thanked her proposers noting that John McGinley had worked for for 26 years.

“That is an amazing achievement in itself, and has done so much for our community. He has always been a visible presence in the town and I hope to take many a leaf from his book."

Ms Feeney said she  grew up in a home that was very aware of social justice and fed on a diet of politics and debate from a very young age.   

“Emmet helped my own mother who was widowed at 47 years of age with five young children to care for. He looked out for her, helping her negotiate her way through the bureaucracy of applying for a widow’s pension or for probate. So the name of Emmet Stagg became a household name for very important reasons in our home," she said.

She said Emmet Stagg was an absolute advocate of social justice and she wanted to give back and help others in our community and enable them in any way I can and I know my late mother would be very proud today.

“I am Maynooth generations back, “ she said.  

“ I have lived here, gone to school and college here and worked through college, in Barton’s Shop, Floods bookies, Conroy’s chemist.”

Ms Feeney’s grandfather, Patrick Nolan’s younger brother, Stephen Nolan is the grandfather of the current president of Maynooth University.

“That same grandfather, my grandfather, passed away at a young age and his widow, Alice Nolan, was determined that her children would not go to the poor house, as often happened to families in those days so she worked in the college, often carrying buckets of coal upstairs to the professor’s quarters. Little did she know, that her grand nephew would one day be president of that same establishment," she added.

Ms Feeney said Maynooth is a great town and as there is an appetite to enhance the quality of life here.

She said she hoped “to see Emmet Stagg back in the Dáil, Michael D in the Park and Angela Feeney on the Council.”