Small loss in 2017 for Kildare K Doc company

GP numbers rise from 18 to 30

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Small loss in 2017 for Kildare K Doc company

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K Doc, the company which provides a GP doctor  service to the public in Kildare and West Wicklow made a small loss of just over €2,431 during 2017, according to its accounts filed with the Companies Registration Office this summer.

While the average number of employees rose 8% from 75 to 81 between 2016 and 2017, the number of GPs rose from 18 to 30.

The company, Kildare and West Wicklow Doctors on Call CLG, is a company limited by guarantee with a registered office at Vista Primary Care Campus in Ballymore Road, Naas.

It published its abridged financial statement for the year ending December 2017 which is its balance sheet with notes but not its income and expenditure statement.

Both company’s reserve income and expenditure account and its member funds (total assets)  were reduced by €2,431 from €345,491 to €343,060 between the end of December 2016 and the end of December 2017.

It had recorded a surplus of €68,220 in 2016.

Its income comes from patients, the Primary Care Reimbursement Services (PCRS) and other agencies for medical service from member doctors.

It also receives HSE grants for the running of the organisation and fees from support to other professionals operating from K Doc facilities.

There were 10 committee members listed in the report.

Among the expenses were doctor fees for directors and committee members for their hours worked doing shifts as GP members of the company. These were €304,584 for 2017 (€253,038: December 2016).

Another €102,835 went towards salaries for directors/committee members.

The company held €381,952 in cash and cash equivalents (€550,523: December 2016).It was owed €321,894 (€294,775: December 2016) at the year end and its creditors, who were due to be paid within one year, amounted to €392,871 (€522,457: December 2016) with €13,553 (€777: December 2016) owed to credit institutions.

Employee numbers rose 8%. Last December, it employed 9 drivers, 15 nurses and 11 receptionists. In addition, the company had an operations manager, one administrator, one chief executive officer and a chief financial officer.

The total compensation paid to key management was €102,835. Its pension costs (defined contribution) for 2017 was €27,802, down slightly on 2016.

The company paid a total of €41,910 in director remuneration to the three directors (€35,460: December 2016): Deirdre Collins from Brannockstown, David McConaghy from Kilcullen and Muiris de Bhulbh from Enfield.