Vincent de Paul in Kildare delighted with Devin Toner rugby donation sale

Staff of Maynooth charity shop urge more celeb donations

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Vincent de Paul in Kildare delighted with Devin Toner donation sale

Kevin Boushel with his Devin Toner shirt

“It was a fantastic trade. We did extremely well,” said Annette McGrane, the area manager for the St Vincent de Paul, declining to give exact details of the amount raised by the sale of rugby gear donated by Leinster and Ireland star Devin Toner.

Speaking on Saturday afternoon, Annette said they were very grateful to Devin Toner for offering his gear to the Maynooth shop for sale. “We are really happy with the outcome,” she said. “We are ever so grateful to Devin.”

The 6' 11" Ireland and Leinster second row caused a stir last week when he posted on social media that he had donated bags of country and province training kit to the Maynooth Main Street shop, which was sold off for a good cause last Saturday.

She said activity was hectic for the first hour and by the time the shop had shut at 5.30pm she did not believe there was much, if anything left.

When the Leader arrived around 11.20 am or so on Saturday morning, there was a friendly enough bunch outside the St Vincent de Paul’s Charity shop at Main Street, Maynooth.

A noon opening was scheduled for the sale of the rugby star’s gear.

Staff were issuing tickets and letting in people ten at a time.

The Leader made it in the door in the third bunch but left it to other to trawl through Devin’s gear.

Among the lucky buyers was Kevin Boushel, a Maynooth student. “I was interested in the kit bag,” Kevin told the Leader shortly before heading off to the ATM when a story went around that the shop was not accepting cards.

Kevin had an open mind if the kit bags were not available and was prepared to pay €50 or €70 if he could get it from the ATM.

He said he would be much happier to pay big money to the St Vincent de Paul than someone sitting on a couch doing Done Deal.

As it turned out he came out smiling with a €50 shirt,

Suzanne Hayes was in the queue for her 15 year son, Liam, who is in the Leinster Development club.

She was holding forth until her husband and son arrived from riding horses at Tattersalls.

They eventually arrived and she went in coming out with a shorts and top for which she paid €80.

There was some discussion about a maximum number of purchases but when one lad walked out with what looked like three bags of jerseys, there was speculation about how much he had paid.

Another came out, held up a jersey and said he had paid a €100 for it.

A very determined Fleur Moran, the No 8 on the Wexford Vixens women’s team was also present.

We had to head off before finding out what the Wexford player bought for herself.

Fleur had sped up the road from Wexford a couple of days earlier only to be told that the sale was not starting until 12 noon and had to return on Saturday.

When the Leader got in to talk to staff, they were delighted with the response and urged more celebs to give similar donations.