Husky Rescue Centre near Curragh may be forced to close

Planning issues cited

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Husky Rescue Centre near Curragh may be forced to close

Andy Cullen at the Dublin Husky Rescue Centre Picture: Tony Keane

The man who runs the Dublin Husky Rescue Centre near the Curragh has claimed Kildare County Council is forcing him to move from his premises over planning issues.

Andy Cullen, who set up the shelter at Friarstown in 2016, said some neighbours had been complaining about the animal refuge, and the council had contacted him and later visited him on site.

“I think they were concerned that I hadn’t applied for planning permission for the change of use of the stables, and when I asked if I could apply for retention, they told me it was too late,” he said.

“We are overcrowded. We are being evicted and the council have given us an extension on that to leave but time is running out.”

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There are currently 36 dogs at the rescue centre and Andy said the rehoming has being going well but there are always new dogs that need rescuing.

Dublin Husky Centre was set up to rescue and rehabilitate huskies and other breeds, which a lot of organisations don’t want to work with, such as akitas, pitbulls, amstaff and rottweilers.

He takes in dogs from all over Ireland.

The vet bills are now at €10,500, down from €15,000.

He said two of his own dogs, Sabre and Rua, were shot in November 2016. It is believed they were targetted while chasing sheep.

The refuge has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to set up a new shelter in Cavan.

When the Leader contacted the council for a response, it said: “Please be advised that the council does not comment on individual cases.”

In the past three years, the centre has saved the lives of over 450 huskies, taken from pounds throughout the country.

The volunteers get 15-20 surrender requests a week.

The Dublin Husky Rescue Centre has recently completed the charities’ regulatory process and is now a registered charity. Anyone who would like to contact them, help them out or donate can check them out on Facebook.

“Before, we couldn’t fundraise because we weren’t registered, but now we are,” said Andy.

If anyone would like to donate to the vet bill they can contact Vetcare in Rathcoole on 01 4580600.

Click here for the Go Fund Me page.