Jailed for debit card scam in Newbridge

Kildare shop left with €4,700 loss

By Leinster Leader Reporter


By Leinster Leader Reporter



Jailed for debit card scam in Newbridge

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A man who was involved in a scam using a debit card has been convicted at Naas District Court.

Miley Connors (26), 6 Ashleigh House, Dublin Street, Kildare, used the card to take over €4,700 worth of goods from a premises.

He received a nine month jail sentence on one of the offences.

There were twenty two separate charges presented before Judge Kevin Staunton at the June 20 sitting of the Court.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Staunton opted to convict on one of them.

This related to dishonestly inducing the staff at Spar, Newbridge, to give him €532.08 worth of goods under Section 6 of the Criminal Theft and Fraud Act 2001.

Judge Staunton was told that the scam involved going into the shop with the debit card. When the store's machine indicated that the card could not be authorised because there was insufficient money in the account, which was in his wife's name, even though there were social welfare payments into the account. Mr Connors told staff to put in any code number. This  overrode the banks instructions. As a result the store accepted the card and handed out the goods. However, it was the shop that was paying the bill, due to Mr Connors defrauding them.

Tim Kennelly, solicitor for Mr Connors, said his client put his hands up at the earlierst opportunity.