Report may point way on north Kildare public swimming pool plan

Sport funding report coming next month

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Report may point way on north Kildare public swimming pool plan

Maynooth University- possible location for public pool

Those hoping for a public swimming pool for north Kildare may have an indication if, when and where it might come into existence, when a report comes out from Government next month.

The Minister for Sport has told Kildare North Labour General Election candidate, Emmet Stagg that the new national sports policy will be considered by Government in the coming weeks and it is anticipated it will be published in July.

The Minister said the position remains that the upcoming national sports policy will include a specific focus on how Government should fund sports facilities, including swimming pools in the years ahead.

Mr Stagg said there was an “unacceptable absence” of a public pool in north Kildare. He added there was a limited reopening of the Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme in early 2016, where four  new swimming pools were approved. “At the time Kildare County Council did indicate an expression of interest in a pool for Maynooth in partnership with Maynooth University. That application was deemed invalid because the council would not have had a chargeable title to the proposed facility.”

A number of years ago, the Council had earmarked Leixlip Amenities Centre as the local for the public north Kildare pool

Previously the Leader reported that following a limited call for proposals in January 2016, for the construction of new swimming pools, Kildare County Council made a submission on February 4, 2016. In essence, the submission was around the proposal for the provision of a North Kildare Swimming Pool and said Leixlip as the preferred site, but  it was prepared to partner with Maynooth University to deliver a swimming pool on the Maynooth University Campus.

It was indicated that the maximum grant would be €3.8 million and that the local authority would have to provide the balance of the project funding and would have to meet all operations costs of the facility. It would also have to provide legal guarantees to protect the Minister’s grant.