Changes recommended for Kildare local electoral areas

Three new electoral areas recommended by Boundary Commission

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Changes recommended for Kildare local electoral areas

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A number of changes to local electoral areas in county Kildare have been recommended by the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee No 1 Report.

In a report released this week, the committee, which was established by Minister of State, John Paul Phelan (Department of Housing) last December,  recommended that the number of Local Electoral Areas (LEA’s) rise from five to eight.

Currently there are five areas (number of elected members in brackets), Athy (6), Naas (9), Kildare-Newbridge (9), Celbridge-Leixlip (7) and Maynooth (9).

There are 40 members on Kildare County Council.

The committee can allow a variance of 10% of population per member between areas, suggesting a population 5,006 and 6,119 people per elected councillor, based on the Census 2016.

It has recommended eight new areas (number of members in brackets): Athy (5), Celbridge (4), Clane (5), Kildare (5), Leixlip (3), Maynooth (5), Naas (7) and Newbridge (6).

It also recommended that the five Municipal Districts in Kildare are constituted as follows: Athy (Athy LEA), Celbridge-Leixlip (Celbridge and Leixlip LEA’s), Clane-Maynooth (Clane and Maynooth LEA’s), Kildare-Newbridge (Kildare and Newbridge LEA’s) and Naas (Naas LEA).

See for full report.